Oral Health

At Elsey & Elsey Dental Clinic, we have a strong commitment to preventative dentistry – helping you and your family to avoid problems such as tooth decay and gum disease, so you can keep your teeth for life.

Regular dental examinations are an important part of preventative care. They enable our dentists to keep a close eye on what is happening in your mouth, and to spot potential problems at an early stage so they are easier to treat. Our check-ups also include mouth cancer screening, so could even save your life.

With our policy of preventive dentistry, we advise our patients to return at regular intervals to enable you to achieve and maintain a good level of oral health and minimise treatment needs.

Our team of dental hygienists play an important role in helping you to avoid, or combat gum disease.

To book a hygiene appointment, call 01285 860712 or email us.