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Welcome to Elsey & Elsey Dental. Within this website, you can find comprehensive information on the orthodontic options for your patients.

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Most orthodontic treatment is carried out for children aged 10 years+, and once the permanent dentition is established Exceptions to this rule, when referral in the mixed dentition is appropriate, are:

  • Anterior or posterior crossbites
  • Asymmetry in the pattern of tooth eruption (e.g. a lateral incisor erupts before a central)
  • Molars of Poor Prognosis (seek opinion before extracting)
  • Lack of palpable canine bulges buccally (age 10+)
  • Hypodontia
  • Supernumerary teeth
  • Submerging deciduous molars
  • Impacted teeth

Otherwise, please delay referral until the first premolars have erupted.