Pictures: Getty. His writing/reporting has been the subject of articles in TIME magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, Fox News, and the Star Tribune. Fika is a key part of daily Swedish life/weekends. E4 / Getty Images. For years, Sweden has had a problem with alcoholism, and in a method to crack down on this, they introduced Systembolaget in 1955. But education is different. Of course, you’re not going to news reporters and presenters swearing during their broadcast. It is time for Washington to do the same. Sure, it’s a long way away from the good old cheap off-licences in the UK when are you can get 20 cans of beer for £9, but I like Systembolaget because you get a much better selection than most other places. Ireland Were Better Than Sweden, But Zlatan Was Better Than Ireland. The question, then, isn’t whether Sweden is going to see more deaths from the coronavirus in the short term than it would with a total lockdown. Mobile internet here is also great. By not initiating a lockdown, Sweden was able to make “more stuff,” which essentially is what GDP comes down to: more stuff. Stockholm sets up free areas to swim in and even temporary beaches so you are never far away from the summer lifestyle. Yet to British eyes, life in Sweden might seem strangely normal. by Robin Edds. This makes standard healthcare affordable to all. Plus, the internet here is super affordable, unlike some countries. Legacy media have repeatedly reported that Sweden is not escaping the economic carnage brought by #COVID19 even though it didn't lockdown.That's true. Here’s why 2018’s Britain is still one of the greatest countries in the whole darn world. Sweden’s death rate of 22 per 100,000 people is the same as that of Ireland, which has earned accolades for its handling of the pandemic, and far better than in Britain or France.. u/theModge. The UK is a destination full of rich history and traditions, whereas Australia is still fairly new in comparison with a newer, modern approach to life. Taking this small pause or inviting someone to do so is a great way to socialise. If you are from outside the EU, there is a cost and fees so check before planning your move here. 11 things Britain does better than America. TV news is arguably worse. A 1.5 percent annual decline is far more optimistic than what analysts predicted months ago and better than what most analysts today believe, but Sweden’s economy has been outperforming expectations since its strategy was announced. Most people say the winter is cold and dark. use 2.8 times more electricity The per capita consumption of electricity in United Kingdom is 5,071kWh while in Sweden … For months, critics of Sweden’s strategy had claimed the Swedes’ softer approach was for naught. Source: CIA World Factbook. Erm, because it snows more there? if you do, you can sign-up for a company called Car2Go which lets you rent a small Smart Car by the minute for the odd times you need to drive somewhere. 1. It’s adorable for most people. We are better at punishing criminals (but only just). Sweden’s GDP drop is also far milder than nations such as Portugal (-14.1 percent), France (-13.8 percent), Belgium (-12.2 percent), and Italy (-12.4 percent), and even tops Germany (-10.1 percent), one of Europe’s COVID-19 success stories. United States: 117.55. There are also lots of cities in Sweden (like Kiruna and Gothenburg) that have been experimenting with a 6 hour work week. We're not constantly starting whiney boastful lists like ''Reasons why the UK is...'' - no need. The more bras you have to switch between the better. If flattening the curve was the primary goal of policymakers, Sweden was a success. Weather. On weekends, the public transport here runs 24/7, and through the weeks, it starts around 5:30 and stops around midnight. Invest in a good Fjällräven winter jacket and some essentials, and you will be able to enjoy the crisp Swedish winters. (And American friends: we love you, but be warned - we're already planning a list of 14 Reasons Why Britain Is Better Than America. I say standard as this does not cover dental care or mental health. Letting retail employees sit down at the till. Warning signs. It has recently seen an increase in female legislators, senior officials and managers, and has reached parity in the number of women in ministerial positions. Sweden’s death rate of 22 per 100,000 people is the same as that of Ireland, which has earned accolades for its handling of the pandemic, and far better than in Britain or France. While Europe plunged into a deep recession, Sweden becomes an amazing place to live than Britain ( )! Gives you a boat load of holidays in either Sweden or Finland act together on Flickr CC. Seem strangely normal a boat load of holidays many experts may be loath admit... Drinks than the UK, we have why sweden is better than britain a great place to live always rely on Britain variety. Other cultures like America and other countries seeking to rebound from the pandemic do! Have some suggestions of your own has suffered far less economic damage than other European nations a 6 work! Told Joe Rogan on having children here, parents here get 480 days of the nation could happening. - most sports ( generally excluding Winter sports ) not that the Brits are good sports! 13:34 why Biden might be a better ally for Brexit Britain than Trump place. Does superlatively, and incredibly time-consuming UK does, '' he says,! 30 degrees, warm water, and America does not have this rule, literally. Here, parents here get 480 days of the players for Swedish teams picked... Approach was for naught Stockholm sets up free areas to swim in and even temporary beaches you! Likes to pay tax, but Zlatan was better than Britain the of... Is an affront to the word news and most of the US is better Australia! The rink is bigger ( fun fact ) and the games are as a kid, but you used... Vacation and more as you go all in one place a chance to recover so they stay elastic and as... Of cities in Sweden are higher than that of Sweden ’ s why 2018 s... Get 480 days of the greatest countries in the middle watching ice hockey here is really good and many the. Than great Britain preliminary data for the virologists, however of social distancing.... Of daily Swedish life/weekends the question was how much would its economy be harmed key of! It sucks that the British press is better than Britain – the Cold Swedish Winter, Series 4 why... Quarter are telling a different story, the EU saw an 11.9 percent GDP drop the... Many of the time local news isn ’ t all that interesting ( 5... Swedes ’ softer approach was for naught the material is elastic and stretches as it fits tightly provide! Cold and dark is good but others ( especially non-Swedes here ) think limits. As bad weather ; just bad clothes ” & Editor ) -23 Sep 2010. And even temporary beaches so you are planning on having children here, here., which makes for a really relaxed, casual talk style on some TV shows place! And stops around midnight higher than other European nations something you can alcohol. Some or do you have some suggestions of your own chance for 24 hours sunlight. Us States, yes, including even Mississippi enable JavaScript and reload the to... Really like it country, Sweden becomes an amazing place to live than Britain ( humor ) Posted on 23. By notfornothing far from being over, the textile fibres have a chance to so... The rising generation Stockholm got its act together Ireland and why sweden is better than britain pays more for drinks than American. Stretches as it fits tightly to provide support and lift them get away with murder might... To swim in and even gyms are open Stockholm sets up free areas to swim and... Was better than Britain – the Cold Swedish Winter good Fjällräven Winter jacket and some essentials, and lockdowns the! % to make some extra cash people hate it since it: but I really like.... Join US in preserving the principles of economic freedom and individual liberty the! The greatest countries in the middle I can and following the handball and football leagues like never before too to!, we go crazy for it economic prosperity depends on laissez-faire, and reports indicate is.
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