This can lead to the onset of contractions and premature delivery. (Also read: The Importance Of Maternal Nutrition For The Baby), A large amount of saffron can be harmful during pregnancy. Saffron Eases Morning Sickness Morning sickness is the major problem that moms face during the first trimester. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. However, there is no scientific research on how safe the use of the extract is during pregnancy. Make sure you are using the unadulterated form of saffron, not the artificially coloured adulterated versions. Furthermore, saffron's nutritional profileincludes many vitamins and minerals that are important to keeping you and your baby healthy during pregnancy. LMU (Germany)-certified Pregnancy Nutrition and Lifestyle expert. According to Ayurveda, daily intake of saffron during pregnancy makes the baby fair. Saffron helps in digestion and improves blood circulation. Is Saffron Extract Safe During Pregnancy? Vitamin B Complex During Pregnancy: Why They Are Important, Eating Beetroot During Pregnancy: Health Benefits And Side Effects. Saffron helps cope with feelings of anxiety, stress and stomach pain and is often recommended to pregnant … As no definite effects have been seen in scientific studies about the role of saffron in breastfeeding women, it is difficult to comment whether saffron is good or bad during lactation period. Saffron can be added to food or add Saffron into milk and drink. Also, consult your doctor before including it in your regular diet. Saffron, which has anti-spasmodic and antinociceptive properties, can help in relieving excessive contractions in the muscles and relax the joints, reducing muscular pains during pregnancy. Saffron Controls Blood Pressure Saffron tends to lower the blood pressure and avoid high BP issues during pregnancy. Saffron is even added as a seasoning to dishes like biryani, in deserts, etc. Protects against heart diseases. This, in turn, is one of the factors that encourage foetal movement [14] . Eating saffron during pregnancy helps in boosting and stabilizing the health of the expectant mother. Is Saffron Safe To Take During Pregnancy? Saffron, one of the most expensive spices in the world, is considered safe during pregnancy, provided you take it in a small quantity. So, are there any proven benefits of saffron for pregnant women? Saffron in a small quantity can be started anytime during the pregnancy and continued till the desired time. According to the Drug Information Database, exposure to saffron in excessive amounts could lead to uterine contractions, thrombocytopenia, bleeding, and abortion (1). People use saffron in minimal quantities due to its toxicity, as well as the exorbitant cost. : If you are referring to using Saffron as a cooking spice then there are no restrictions during pregnancy. Saffron helps in forming an extra layer so as to soothe the gastrointestinal acidity. During pregnancy when the fetus is developing every day, the room in … Since it is an expensive spice, you may get several adulterated varieties of saffron. Antidepressant action of the saffron helps in calming down mood swings that are frequently seen during pregnancy. Application of saffron and sandal wood paste on the forehead brings down high temperature due to fever, avoiding medicines which cause side effects during pregnancy. Taking saffron during pregnancy prepares the cervix for delivery. Over consumption of saffron may result in … Saffron is one of the common components of supplement pills that are commonly used as herbal supplements. However, these supplements should always be consumed under medical supervision during pregnancy. Here is how you may try consuming saffron. It is handpicked during harvesting season making it a priced delicacy. For Pregnant Lady: Drinking saffron milk everyday during pregnancy makes your baby’s skin fairer Actual benefits of Saffron. However, no definitive decision can be reached because of the limited studies done on the consumption of saffron in pregnancy.
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